Man Power - Album Remixes EP on Correspondant

Words by: Joe Gamp
Posted: 24/11/16 8:33

Artist: Man Power - Title: Remixes EP - Label: Correspondant

Correspondant boss Jennifer Cardini and her artist Man Power have reportedly spent a year working on the Man Power remixes collection, an extension of Power's musicality soaked, left of centre approach to dance music.

The original album was a constraint free LP that explored many realms in and around the electronic music format, from pulsing tech-house to melancholy soaked sample driven piano ditties, the album demonstrated a producer who created what he felt  and eschewed the constraints of genre in the process. Thankfully, the remix EP maintains this eclectic approach to the floor - so much so that the reworked versions could stand up on their own as fresh works. It's also a perfect fit for Cardini's restless, boundary-defying imprint.

First up: Disco Halal's Moscoman remixes Beilsteiner, turning it into a rolling and pulsating track, with swollen bass parps driving the track, while clipped percussion adds a slight swing to this head down club basher. Next up, Hivern Discs affiliate JMII reworks Hunting Swan, departing from its airy, spacious and dynamic layout and filling in the gaps with zipping effects and bass-weighted kick drums. Still retaining the original mix's soft edges and packed with guitar and string samples, a slight, dystopian cloud of rumbling bass occasionally darkens the track's previously blue skies.

Suade comes in next with his remix of TEN. After deliberation, this entry is undoubtedly the best track of the package, with it's lightly pulsing basslines, irresistible guitar licks and woozy melodic lines, the original album's mastering man comes correct with this uplifting but technical take on the original. There's even room for 80's esque, Prince inspired breakdowns on this luscious remix.

And as the curtain falls on this well-thought collection, all eyes fall on Mike Simonetti's Pale Blue moniker for a rework of Boys Beware, turning it into an aggressive, no nonsense jack, complete with razor sharp percussion, taught snap back loops and clapping 808 flourishes. Retaining the muted guitar strums and murking them out further, the original's demeanour has now been turned into a no nonsense floor bound groove.

A great end to a thoughtful, considered remix pack that adds fresh flavour and extra dimension to Man Power's opus.

Man Power - Album Remixes EP on Correspondant |

Our Rating: 8/10


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