Remain with Clickbox - The Travels Series - Episode 1.1 EP on MEANT Records

Words by: Steven Graham
Posted: 2/12/16 11:16

Artists: Remain with Clickbox - Title: The Travels Series - Episode 1.1 EP - Label: MEANT Records

French stable MEANT are unleashing the first instalment in their Travels Series, exploring the feelings, moods and artistic endeavours of the modern electronic music aficionado. Crossing time zones, boundaries and generic styles, the new series looks to produce outcomes from the fleeting creative friendships that are built on the road and forged from the ever hectic lifestyle of the touring DJ. As such, label boss Remain teams up with Brazilian techno stalwart Clickbox for four tracks of arresting, pummelling techno music.

Simply titled '02', the duo brings forth a tracky, high octane number. A staccato riff pushes forward with intensity while snapping hi hats and murky drums add a no nonsense tone to the track’s trajectory and ‘French Kiss’ flavour.  Swayzak really deliver the goods with the remix though, turning the pulsing, staccato riff into acid stabs and lower, minor chord tones as the track oscillates and stomps through its warehouse groove.  

Flip over for '04' the second original track from this off-the-cuff marriage of influence and sound. A funkier path unfolds with a thudding kick drum from the get go and driving, growling atmospheres, before a loose drum arrangement and synth stabs off a more tech house leaning affair. A scuffling groove and kinetic drum beats rub and tussle before off kilter, woozy basslines and pitched down vocals add a weirdness to this otherwise peak time canter.

Finally, Danton Eeprom re-emerges from his bunker with a thickened version of the original, taking away the wonkiness and adding sticky, echoing sonics and synth lines dancing over the belching bass and drum hits, while cosmic atmospheres swoop in and tickle the listener in amongst Eeprom's bit-crushed sonic palette. Nice work.

Remain with Clickbox - The Travels Series  - Episode 1.1 EP on MEANT Records  |  |

Our Rating: 7/10


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