La Fleur - Flowerhead Reprise EP on Power Plant

Words by: Carl Thomson
Posted: 5/12/16 8:15

Artist: La Fleur - Title: Flowerhead Reprise EP - Label: Power Plant

Watergate resident, Berlin starlet and all round deep house love La Fleur continues her ascension to the top with the release of a remix package of her stand out Flowerhead track. After impressing with various releases on Watergate, Cocoon and more, the young pretender returns to demonstrate why she's been picked up by the good and great as a future one to watch.

Now, she enrols the help of other trusted Berlin players for the remix package, which retains the original's intense, stabbing bassline and intense delivery. Fresh from the release of her recent debut album, Cassy turns in a hypnotic, winding workout that's packed with bass modulations and a robust, boisterous groove as FX and melodies shoot in and out of earshot. It reeks of Berlin clubbing all over.

Next up, Dana Ruh turns in an exquisite mix, clinging on to the main chord hook but jacking it up with punchy, drum beats and smooth, radiating synth lines swathing over the listener as pressurised, snap-back percussion and clipped drums add a sassy, swinging quality to this deep house gem.  

Finally, La Fleur returns with a '2016 rework'. Pinning focus on the melodic line of the track, which has been swapped for a dancing, uplifting line, an Orbital-esque sound where the drums are warmly massaged, the samples are smoothly woven  and the groove given overall prominence above all else. It's not quite reaching the dizzying heights of the original, but La Fleur gives her sound even more widespread appeal with this easy-on-the-ear rework. A great finalé to a strong package.

La Fleur - Flowerhead Reprise EP on Power Plant |

Our Rating: 7.5/10


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