Simon Garcia - Trimmer EP on Pets Recordings

Words by: Steven Graham
Posted: 8/12/16 8:20

Artist: Simon Garcia - Title: Trimmer EP - Label: Pets Recordings

Madridian producer Simon Garcia resurfaces on Pets Recordings for the first time since 2013 with Trimmer EP, an EP that focuses on a particularly progressive and uplifting brand of techno. After being spotted on Pokerflat, Supplement Facts and Perspectiv, he brings his left of centre, uniquely detailed take on tech-house back to a label that's always ready to accept him back in the fold.

The EP opens up with 'I Never Knew', chugging and huffing with an organic bass line as its lead rhythm, while tampered with vocals and glassy, separating synth chords dance around before a thudding kick drum shatters the fragility on the drop, amounting for a nice, grooving, stomp for the floor.

On title track 'Trimmer', Garcia brings a hypnosis-inducing vibe to the table, a rhythmic onslaught of analogue percussion and finely chiselled groove, before a bulbous bass swell, stone clad kick drums and a radiating synth line offer a smooth, deep techno sound that will appeal to the ears of most dance music fans.

Mr Tophat takes a break from his usual production duties with Art Alfie to take on I Never Knew. A major tonal, 90's esque piano chord drives the track, while on the breakdown an equally retro, uplifting synth line set the tone of this shuffling, Classic Music Company style house track, full of energy and brimming with a fragrantly positivist attitude, it's feel good tones and bubbling grooves won't fail to out a smile on the listener's face. Winner!

Simon Garcia - Trimmer EP on Pets Recordings |

Our Rating: 8/10


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