Acumen - The Sanctuary EP on Time Has Changed

Words by: Carl Thomson
Posted: 12/12/16 7:46

Artist: Acumen - Title: The Sanctuary EP - Label: Time Has Changed

Acumen is a French beat making machine. He runs his own Time Has Changed label alongside Timid Boy and recently put out a great album. Now he is back on that label with a fine follow up EP featuring three sizzling originals. A remix from Rafael Cerato seals the deal.

Non Sense is up first and is seven minutes of spooky, spine tingling deep techno with stiff chords and rolling drums. It’s a really energetic cut to pick floors up and carry them away.

The Sanctuary is then another deep affair that is riddled with an electric synth line that rips about above rubbery drums. It’s nervy and fresh and is another great effort. Rafael Cerato then steps up to remix with his own take on The Sanctuary. Filled with microcosmic synth flashes and a withering synth line, it is a main room bomb that will sweep up all who hear it.

Last of all, Destino gets more house-y in nature as big vocals ride over lush drums. Acumen, then, is in a fine run of form right now.

Acumen - The Sanctuary EP on Time Has Changed  |

Our Rating: 8/10


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