Masaya - Flow of Tears EP on Chapter 24 Records

Words by: Steven Graham
Posted: 12/12/16 7:47

Artist: Masaya - Title: Flow of Tears EP - Label: Chapter 24 Records

Now two years old, the Chapter 24 label rounds out its latest 12 months with a fine new offering from Masaya and Ripperton. These long-time friends often play back to back in the DJ booth and here it is the latter that remixes the former in fine style. Masaya has been involved with music all her life and that really shows with the richness of her sounds here.

Borderline is up first and is a brooding nine minute track that has rumbling bass down low and scintillating, delicate percussive patterns up top. It will fill and club with sound and sweep them right off their feet.

Next up is Picture, again a slow burning tune and one that really uses all eight minutes of its length to hypnotise you with finger clicks, filtered vocals and string pads that add a sense of serenity.

The title tune Flow of Tears then comes on with thundering claps, dramatic bass sweeps and a foreboding sense of atmosphere that really makes a mark. For the remix it is Ripperton, who flips the track into something a little more direct, with glassy stabs, raw hand claps and sweeping filters all tingling your every sense. As such it is a fine EP.

Masaya - Flow of Tears EP on Chapter 24 Records  |

Our Rating: 7.5/10


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