Stefano Ritteri - The Pretty Ghost EP on Congaloid

Words by: Carl Thomson
Posted: 14/12/16 8:02

Artist: Stefano Ritteri - Title: The Pretty Ghost EP - Label: Congaloid

Ghosts eh? Believe in them? Whether you do or don't we all have a stereotyped image of what a ghost's form would take. Steffano Ritteri not only throws a curve ball into the consensus of what a ghost what would look like ( a pretty ghost is not the first characteristic that springs to mind), but with two left of centre ditties that open eyes with its dancing, morphing and high pitched melodies.

For his return, Ritteri has dusted off his Congaloid imprint for this experimental EP, waving goodbye to his usual strong, slamming take on house and techno for a pair of tracks that concentrate on frequency and dynamism rather than floor shaking, unrelenting beats.

Pretty Ghost unfolds and prances around, morphing from its percussive break into an oscillating Theremin frequency, its melodic riff dancing and pinging from channel to channel before massive organ chords kick in on the second drop as the dancing, melodic riffs become ever more erratic and surprising. It's certainly a massive departure from Ritteri's trademark sound - and a track that will leave your jaw hanging throughout.

On the flip side Your Playground Is The Sun harks back to Ritteri's comfort zone, thudding kick drums and cranked up tempo. Uplifting synths and crescendo chords give the track a big room feel while pulsing bass stutters in and out of the track and progressive house synth riffs unfold later in the track.

On the drop the bassline chugs and parps in a sequenced fashion, while high end, whistling melodies offer a soulful respite to the things that go bump in the night. An interesting EP that seems to hint at a more unique change of direction for the Italian-born Londoner.

Stefano Ritteri - The Pretty Ghost EP on Congaloid |

Our Rating: 7/10


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