Bambook & Javier Orduña - Paloma EP on Culprit

Words by: Carl Thomson
Posted: 19/12/16 9:33

Artists: Bambook & Javier Orduña - Title: Paloma EP - Label: Culprit

As the year draws to an end, Los Angeles label Culprit are looking to close the doors to a somewhat roller coaster year with a high. Stepping up to do so is the collaborative project of Bambook and Javier Orduña, who offer up four high class productions, packaged together as Paloma.

The title track kicks us off in fine fashion. Now, this isn't a real club banger, yet takes on a more subtle and gentle approach, with shuffling hi hats and a dream like riff that floats around the higher frequencies, creating a warming and enchanting sound.

Burudanga begins to raise the energy slightly, with reverb soaked synths running as triplets across the entirety of this track. The energy rises and falls, dipping where necessary to make room for the odd vocal outburst, this one is so easy to get lost within.

Next up we welcome some guests to the party, with Eduardo De La Calle taking Paloma right down to its bare bones in a more techno influenced roller. Simplicity is key here, as deep droning bass lines act as a meaty support for the flowing hats and almost industrial outbursts the crop up along the journey. Quina's version is more melody heavy - delayed plucked synths shimmer up top with fantastic stature.

Bambook & Javier Orduña - Paloma EP on Culprit |  |

Our Rating: 7.5/10


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