Kresy - Remakes EP on Raw Rootz Recordings

Words by: Steven Graham
Posted: 19/12/16 10:43

Artist: Kresy - Title: Remakes EP - Label: Raw Rootz Recordings

Rising Spanish producer Kresy steps up for his label debut on Raw Rootz, which in turn has geared up for it's fifth release. Kresy brings his natural flair for musical takes on all corners of contemporary house music, as previously displayed for the likes of Hilvern Discs, Freerange Records and More Music. Here, he sticks to the label's core ethos - no bullshit, just raw, jackin' house grooves that were created with minimal fuss, for maximum effect.

Friends opens up proceedings with a minimal and stripped back production aesthetic. Highly pressurised hi hats ans snares sit ruggedly against drum beats, before a deep and groovy electronic bassline plucks and dips throughout the track, taking this feel good summer tinged house tune and loading it with tonnes of funked out groove. A dancing piano riff kicks in on the second drop, while a soulful, gospel-esque vocal line hooks us into a classic house groove. Serious flex time for the dancefloor, its all about uplifting vibes - as its title would suggest from the outset.

Next, Voltereta brings no nonsense techno vibes to the plate, borrowing from one of the scenes heavyweights. Bottom heavy, slightly distorted kick drums, snapping snares and clipped hi hats make this a darker take on the jack, with rumbling basslines and razor sharp rhythms offering solace for fans of electronic music's darker and less friendly side.

Next up, Kresy experiments with that organic, twanging bassline on Tumaca Disco, retaining its fragrant swing and disco chops, but putting emphasis on that rawly recorded, instrumental bass guitar line, that offer the track all its sass, swagger and funk in abundance.

Finally, That Thing goes for a less Discofunk take and draws on ghetto house and hip hop. Plundering a vocal line from Lauryn Hill's 'Doo-Wop (That Thing)', the Spaniard chops up the chorus around more finger walking bass riffs. A thumping kick drum that's been softened at the edges mixes in with beautiful and clipped string samples, while deep house basslines fluctuate and descend. Probably the stand out track of the EP, which in itself is a very tough call to make. It would be well worth making sure Kresy's latest creation is tucked into your record bag.

Kresy - Remakes EP on Raw Rootz Recordings  |

Our Rating: 8/10


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