Pablo Matteo - Drive Setting EP on Uncage

Words by: Ralph Turner
Posted: 20/12/16 8:51

Artist: Pablo Matteo - Title: Drive Setting EP - Label: Uncage

Marco Faraone, together with Norman Methner, launched UNCAGE only a few months ago. The labels has its sights set on both established figureheads and rising talents and for their final release of 2016, Faraone has enlisted Pablo Matteo with a slab of lead heavy techno vibration with a healthy injection of groove.

Drive Setting opens with a thundering kick drum and a slab of thick, hazy and fog-like atmospheric bass lingering over the track, while organ stabs offer a tickling groove. Meanwhile, dancing ditties and fluctuating melodies begin to seep into the track's framework, while gentle, smooth synth stabs punctuate the dusty analogue-like beats and hats.

The strangely titled Going Oreo may have a baffling name, but that's no reason to not cast your eye over its superb delivery of restrained, dub influenced techno. The kick drums and bass have melded together, making for a deep and sub weighted thud that's louder than that of Drive Setting. However, the tempo has been pulled back on its leash, while the track snarls and gnashes as off kilter, woozy effects and crash cymbals add more intensity to the track's rigid, unmovable stance.

Book of Poison brings with it more unstoppable force, but with slight major tones accentuating the bass and erupting atmospheres as bouncy, rubberised bass drums chug and drop  before a metronomic snare and hi hat tick make way for an arpeggio bass.

Berghain resident and Ostgut Ton mainstay Nick Hoppner makes an appearance for a remix of Book of Poison and turns in a surprising, yet delectable and sumptuous remix. Bringing a touch of his velveteen hand to the mix, it’s a refreshing lift at the end of this intense EP to discover an emotive, relaxed and cantering remix of the track. Concentrating on breath-like atmospherics, light piano chords and fluctuating, wobbling synth pads, its gentle and warming aesthetics are lightly caressed and dusted over the tune. What a way to end a fantastic, envelope pushing EP.

Pablo Matteo - Drive Setting EP on Uncage

Our Rating: 8.5/10


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