Yør Kultura - Odyssey EP on Earthly Delights

Words by: Ralph Turner
Posted: 22/12/16 8:58

Artist: Yør Kultura - Title: Odyssey EP - Label: Earthly Delights

Earthly Delights is the brand new American imprint looking to open the doors when it comes to electronic music. The first EP comes from Rotterdam based artists Yør Kultura, whose internationally influenced 'Odyssey' EP is sure to propel them to the top of everyone’s wish lists as we enter 2017. Having been inspired on their travels around the world, the three tracks here showcase their talent, both creatively and on the production side, delivering both clubs friendly and eclectic in one package.

Black Market kicks off proceedings and is definitely the most unique of them all. Tribal drums take control from the off and the melodic elements are left to eastern plucked strings which offer up a warming and enticing colour to the table. With the repetition of this melody flowing throughout the track, the different shades are dictated by the drone bass lines which hum beneath.

Nomads is driven by a chugging bass line which intertwines effortlessly around the sharp claps and shuffling hi hats. Building from minimal instrumentation and closing with a similar texture this one has to be the stand out for me as it takes you on such an empowering trip.

Title track Odyssey brings back eastern wails and strings, which take a dominant role throughout the breakdowns, however pausing once the instantly recognisable Yør Kultura tribal percussion returns, delivering a truly irresistible groove.

Out now, be sure not to miss out on this astonishing EP.

Yør Kultura - Odyssey EP on Earthly Delights
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Our Rating: 8.5/10


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