DJ Hell - I Want U EP on Gigolo Music Ltd

Words by: Carl Thomson
Posted: 23/12/16 8:37

Artist: DJ Hell - Title: I Want U EP - Label: Gigolo Music Ltd

DJ Hell brings his tongue in cheek take on techno and house in the form of a cheeky Xmas Eve pressie, as he gears up for the release of his next album, ‘ZUKUNFTSMUSIK’, on his own Gigolo Music imprint in 2017. The thin white man from hell has long been exploring the marriage between house music and pop, and style and art, through an array of projects, collaborations and tracks.

I Want U” sees him return to releasing after three years away from the spotlight, paying homage to the very roots of house and disco's gay origins with a fragrant, raw and untreated celebration of open-minded, 'queer' dancefloor culture. A crunching electro tinged beat stomps through while a robotic mantra repeats 'I Want U', sometimes morphing into different shapes and tones as substances begin to take hold. Underlying at its core is spoken and spell-esque crunches and bleeps, retaining a lo-fi, untreated element to Hell's homage.

Taking up the remix baton is The Hacker, lacing the electro side of the track with pulsing synths stabs, extra bone crunching beats and a thundering, rhythmic assault that turns the spotlight from the fun, carefree frolics of Hell’s original and takes it in to the very underbelly of the gay scene's once sub-cultural lure.

Finally Martin Matiske creates an almost 80's, cinematic version of the track. Putting emphasis on the atmospheres and drawing out the melodic chords. This new EP will keep the appetites of Hell fans far and wide suitably whet until 2017.

DJ Hell - I Want U EP on Gigolo Music Ltd |

Our Rating: 7/10


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