HNQO - White Stripe EP on Playperview

Words by: Sara De La Calle
Posted: 15/2/17 10:38

Few people are as prominent in the Latin American dance scene as HNQO. The Brazilian is right at the top of his game and for his next trick he returns to his own label Playperview, offering us two more of his exquisite house and tech cuts, each one slightly different to the last.

The pick here for me is the second cut, The Clapper. It is a bristling, energetic track that bounces and bangs, whirrs and repeats. The mood is tough and tense and the drums are the real standout for the way that they punch and dance about. On the flipside, the opener White Stripe is more melodic and patient. It sways back and forth with dramatic synths squirming about above the nice hits and rolling drums.


Diego Krause
Luigi Madonna