Nyra speaks about his new label Canoe

Words by: I Voice
Posted: 9/3/17 15:58

Nyra was already an established producer with some great credits to his name on labels like Elastic Dreams, Secretsundaze and Never Learnt. Then he decided to give it all up to pursue a professional cycling career. Now he has scratched that itch and reached the top of the British scene, he is back making beats. His sounds is no frills, freaky house and techno and he is putting it out on his own new label, Canoe. The first few releases are all locked in and here we speak to him about all this and more. 

Where have you been for the last few years? What took you away from music?

For the last 5 years, I took a step back from music to pursue a career as a professional cyclist.

And why did you want to return? What brought you back?

I knew that I would come back to music it just had to be the right time, I had to get cycling out of my system first.

What was it like being a pro cyclist? What was an average day like?

Hard, harsh, hostile are the phrases I would use, it was a day to day mental battle.

Do you still go out on the reg now or are you sick of it? 

I haven't touched a bike since august 2016 which is when I did my last race, I've just been fully immersed in music.

Did it take long to get back into things? To find your groove? Did you find anything within yourself had changed?

No, not really I was still listening to music even when I was cycling, so I had it already planned out, nothing had changed I'd just become wiser :)

Tell us abut your new label, Canoe - why start it?

I started canoe with a producer/friend from Sheffield called Oushe, when i stumbled across i track that i was after on a Denis Sulta Boiler Room, which I found out was unsigned and wanted to release it, along with some of my new material, the track started the whole ball rolling and was called Young Larry by a Scottish producer named noface, featured on canoe 002, the ethos is to release timeless music whatever the electronic gender.

Who and what will be released on it? Will there be albums, will there be vinyl, does artwork matter?

At the moment canoe 001 is three tracks by myself, I'm really pleased with this EP as it contains Rexperiance which Resident Advisor picked as their track of the day, canoe 002 is two tracker containing the Young Larry track by noface as played on Denis Sulta's Boiler Room and a track by me and canoe 003 id another three tracker from me, we have some very exciting artists lined up for the future, but we can't say just yet. Reg albums it's a possibility, each EP is 180gram vinyl in limited numbers and hand stamped, it's more emphasised on the music than anything else but still concentrating on the 180gram quality of the vinyl.

Tell us how you found noname and managed to sign that hot track of his - did you have to fend off the competition?

I was listening to a Denis Sulta Boiler Room and saw him playing the track, then i went on a mad frenzy trying to find who it's was by, after searching and searching I came across Pete (nofaces) Soundcloud containing the track Young Larry, I immediately messaged him asking if it was signed and he said no, it was as if fate had brought me here, I then signed it and canoe was born. just the right place at the right time I suppose.

What else have you got coming up/are you looking forward to?

I'm very much looking forward to hopefully playing at a festival in Portugal in August called Waking Life, with the Giegling guys, on their stage at the festival, we have kept in touch over the years and they are a great set of guys. I'm also looking forward to getting more of the music I have been working on out there and taking canoe global.

What was it like playing Carl Cox’s parties in Ibiza?

It was such a great privilege to play at Carl's birthday night on the last year of Space, the crowd were electric, and it's a night iI will never forget.

Canoe 001

Canoe 002

Canoe 003



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