Moon Harbour reaches 100 releases

Words by: Tom Leek
Posted: 14/3/17 12:35

Moon Harbour - founded in 2000 by Leipzig based artist Matthias Tanzmann - has hit a major milestone, with release number 100. Since its formation, the label has put out 150 EPs, albums and compilations but here they celebrate a special 100th edition vinyl release.

After 17 years, the label has unearthed new talent, built the careers of many artists and showcased some of the best underground artists on offer. MH100 EP looks to follow that trend with Tanzmann taking the lead with ‘Mahoney Baloney', seven minutes of tech house and signature Tanzmann. Following up, is label manager Dan Drastic and friend Sven Tasnadi with their track ‘Tastic’, featuring some trippy vocals. Regulars at all things Moon Harbour, Luna City Express provide a real crowd pleaser with their track ‘Saturday.’ ‘Resurrection’ is the final track on the EP, provided by master of intricacy Daniel Stefanik.

With four varied yet vital cuts, Moon Harbour 100 perfectly encapsulates what has made the label so essential over the last 100 releases.


Mr. G
Steve Bug