Hype, Lies & Gossip 2017 Vol.1: "Oh, Hï there”

Words by: Sarah Mc
Posted: 21/3/17 19:50

So Ibiza 2017, are you even ready for it or what? Judging by the current state of Vara de Rey in the centre of Ibiza Town, I’m not even sure Ibiza itself is ready. But then what’s new there?

Like a phoenix raising from the flames, like the resurrection itself, Ibiza Voice is back for 2017, brasher and noisier than ever and looking to stir up anything that isn’t fixed down. Under new direction, we’ll be digging up the stories, digging out the heroes and villains and digging a grave for the raves and DJs and tunes that just really need burying.

As always, we’ll be giving you a fresh, analytical and controversial angle on the electronic music landscape’s goings on, whilst there’ll also be tons of amazing music, funny and satirical piss-taking and loads of promoting our own self-importance! Hype, lies and gossip ain’t going anywhere soon.

It seems not a day ago we were saying our final farewells to Space and here we are welcoming in another pre-season... and saying Hi to well, somewhat weirdly, Hï, the love-it-or-hate-it new name of the venue formerly known and loved as Space. Let’s be honest, almost any choice was going to be harangued and picked to pieces, but this two letter beauty seems as equally suited to marketing gimmickry as it does to the banter being aimed at it. No matter what happens, we can already thank the team behind Hï Ibiza for the brilliantly quirky promo videos that have been circulated featuring artists, island hippies, shop owners and even one starring a rather camp Dubfire (plus a canary) which we’re sad to say doesn’t appear to be online anymore.

One of the key gripes, most commonly seen on social media or heard around the cafes on the island, surrounds the ownership of the club and what this inherently means or is said to represent. Hï Ibiza is run by the same team that has made Ushuaïa an island powerhouse and owned by the Matutes Group, who are often regarded as public enemy No. 1 on the island but whose contribution to the island’s economy and sustained growth is immeasurable.

Due to the undoubted success story of huge EDM lead nights at Ushuaïa, such as Avicii, David Guetta and Swedish House Mafia, there have been some grumblings about commercialisation of the island and what music policy we’re likely to see in the hallowed location we once knew as Space. It’s understandable I suppose, that where Carl Cox once stood or We Love once ruled, the purists would rather not see a Martin Garrix or Hardwell, but there is no club on the island that exists solely within one musical sphere or can survive programming 7 nights of EDM or 7 nights of techno. Only DC10, in fact, can be said to be pure in it’s musical philosophy but is still forced to protect this by only opening a couple of nights per week.

In the meantime, Hï has launched a solid underground Opening Party with Luciano and Apollonia headlining as part of a dozen-strong names in the house/tech/deep world. Also confirmed is a residency for Black Coffee (Saturday), with a full house assured no doubt from the post-ANTS crowd over the road, whilst Joris Voorn, Steve Lawler and Luciano headline a new Thursday night called In the Dark. Martin Garrix has been announced for Mondays, with Armin Van Buuren and Glitterbox also in the final programming. Interesting stuff hey….

Hype, Lies & Gossip is brought to you by the incessant chatter from the island's cafes and back rooms and exists only thanks to eavesdropping on conversations we're not meant to have heard and haven't been invited to. Throw in a large dose of deceit, corruption and sleaze and you've just about got it. 


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