Avision: Go A Little Deeper

Words by: I Voice
Posted: 6/4/17 9:36

Ibiza Voice caught up with the NYC-born, New Jersey residing producer and DJ to discuss production techniques, disparate influences, musical direction and the new wave of techno flooding the big apple.

Hi Anthony, thanks for talking to us – How are you and what have you been up to recently?

I'm great, thank you for having me. I've been quite busy in the studio making some new records, as well as planning my release schedule for the upcoming spring and summer.  I just played the Mixmag Lab in Brooklyn which was amazing, I always love playing for NYC. I’ve had a couple of big releases already this year as well: my 'I See It' EP on MATTER+ in January and also an EP called 'Shadow Of The Sun' which just dropped on Inmotion LTD.

Can you tell us a little bit about the concept behind your Avision alias?

I had initially been releasing under my real name, and some of that music has been out on platforms since I was 16. Not that the music as my real name isn't good, I just feel like I’ve matured in certain styles of techno and the alias gave me a new light.  The thought behind Avision is to go a little deeper with my music. Not necessarily harder, but more of a raw techno feel. I feel like I’ve developed my own style, and the overall goal with this alias is to not get stuck in a certain trend with the music but just to make something timeless.

Who are your musical influences and why?

I grew up listening to amazing music in my family, with artists like Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Chicago and Stevie Wonder.  For me, Stevie Wonder is the greatest artist of my lifetime, with the talent, songwriting, and the way he moves through so many different genres. Michael Jackson & Quincy Jones for the production value, and how incredible everything they worked on together sounds.  The band Chicago, they were able to fuse rock, soul, jazz & funk and make their own sound out of those influences. Also, the band Audioslave. Just badass rock music with great energy, and of course the amazing voice of Chris Cornell. These aren’t techno artists, but they were the ones who shaped me musically growing up. For house & techno artists, people like Victor Calderone, Ben Sims, Dennis Ferrer, DVS-1 and Ben Klock inspire me for their ability to constantly evolve, and for what they’ve been able to accomplish over a long period of time in our industry.

New York has long been a melting pot for all types of electronic music. How do you view the scene there at the moment?

The scene has been really interesting to watch, and be apart of. I think New York has changed drastically over the last number of years, as the city used to be booming with nightlife and now things have shifted more towards Brooklyn.  The scene in Brooklyn has been really impressive recently.  There’s so much going on every weekend with clubs like Output and Schimanski (to name a couple), numerous warehouse parties, and there is always an after hours if not multiple after hours going on. The warehouse events have been getting shut down recently, so I really hope that the organisers and the city can work together to find a way for these to keep happening. 

Can you tell us a little bit about your studio process – what equipment you love and how you go about making your tracks?

My studio process is very simple. I’m using Logic Pro X as my DAW. There are some days where I get exactly what I want out of my plugins and Logic itself. Then, there's days where I dive in to my outboard analog gear. My favorite pieces to use are my Korg Ex8000 and also the Korg Minilogue. Korg really came out with some amazing gear this past year.  Some other pieces I have are the Korg Monologue, Korg Volca Beats, Korg Volca FM, Nord Lead 2, Akai ax80, Yamaha Dx7, and Korg Triton LE. I love all of my pieces, they all have something special to them and I know exactly what I can get out of each of them. I normally start my sessions with a 4-bar loop with my drums and then I start playing around on the keys. Once I get the main elements to my track I start structuring, and then the rest falls into place.

What was the idea behind your recent ‘Shadow Of The Sun’ EP?

To be honest, I didn't go in with an idea in the studio.  The best way for me to work is to come in with nothing on my mind and just let myself create.  I made the tracks a year or so ago and sent them to Kareem Cali, who runs a few different labels (including Inmotion LTD), and I thought they may be a good fit with him.  For the remixes, I played with Roman Lindau at an event on Governor’s Island in NY last summer and connected with him there. 'The Samuel L Sessions' remix came from Kareem and the label.

What are your three favourite records currently and why?

1.)  Fantom 1- Nikola Gala

This track is such a bomb. The groove, and the pattern of his lead synth just kills the dance floor. One thing I like about the track is it's not overdone, it's really simple. A perfect dance floor killer.

2.) Nerinea Trinodosa- Roman Lindau & Roberto

My man Roman and his friend Roberto killed this record. This track is a major bomb, energy from start to finish. I love playing this one, they really kept it interesting throughout the whole record. I am a huge fan of both of their work separately, and them coming together is just called for an amazing record.

3.) Affection Deficit Disorder - Martin Buttrich and The Martinez Brothers

Killer groove on this record, I’m huge fan of both Martin and the Bros. This track has such a nice flow, I love all of the little effects going on in the background and even the main elements, this track just works. It's the definition of keeping it interesting and paying attention to detail. 

What do you do outside of music to relax?

Not much! Lol. Honestly, music is my relaxation, I love going to my studio and playing whatever I want when I want. When I need to get my mind off a couple of things I normally play my drums, it helps me escape from whatever I’m dealing with. When the weather is nice I enjoy playing baseball.  I’m a huge baseball fan and also a huge Yankees fan, so catching a game here and there is amazing. I love to catch a good movie or documentary when I can as well. Although, 90% of the time when I am free, I work on my music.

What have you got planned for the rest of 2017

2017 so far has been a great year, we have many things in the works right now. I’m currently working on my release schedule for the rest of the year, so expect a lot more music coming soon. I’m also playing an event April 1st at a secret Brooklyn warehouse with Victor Calderone, Paco Osuna, and Alexi Delano. I'm really looking forward to this event as it’s for Victor’s 50th birthday and it’ll be an amazing party. There’s something special about playing a warehouse when it comes to techno, I don't think there is a better style of music that fits it better. Keep posted for some more events and music coming soon. 

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