Stefan Goldmann - Radiolarian EP on Olga

Words by: I Voice
Posted: 29/3/17 9:40

Stefan Goldmann is an accomplished producer who runs his own label Macro. He has a detailed, intricate sound that is part techno, part house and part minimal, and now he lands on the OLGA label run as a division of D Edge Records, Brazil’s finest club. 

He serves up two tracks for the label and both are masterful affairs. Radiolarian is first and is a seven minute symphony of driving drums and sine waves, synths and sound design that all burrows deep in your brain. It is hi fidelity and trippy and really hypnotizes once it gets going. On the flip, Streams is more loose, with wild synths spraying about above tightly coiled rums. It is freaky, occult music from another planet and makes for one of the strongest releases yet on this label. 

Stefan Goldmann Online


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