Kito Jempere – Sea Monster LP on Hell Yeah Recordings

Words by: J Morris
Posted: 4/4/17 12:29


Hell Yeah Recordings have quietly positioned themselves as one of Europe’s most interesting and progressive labels. From blissed-out, listen-at-home-sounds and weirdish leftfield cuts, through to more contemporary disco predilections; theirs is a steady palatable schedule of releases.  

Focusing on quality eclectic recordings from a label that’s perhaps one of the closest definitions of what the modern ‘Balearic’ attitude actually sounds like, the imprint's next offering from Kito Jempere sees the versatile St Petersburg artist turn in his second album. The multi-instrumentalist skilfully applies his fusion of live instrumentation and electronic production to an album that is rich in soul and atmosphere.

Opener ‘Lifetime Theme’ is a mid-tempo groover, quirky keys and emotive bass lead into a ponderous break. The beat-less 'Ampa' is a joy; an ethereal male vocal sits amongst reverb soaked electric guitars while 'To Talk' takes a deeper turn. Sustained pads complementing mildly haunting synths. Kito shows off his jazzy drum style on 'Grid Talk’, whilst album highlight 'Uohha!' slows things right down; so much so you can almost smell the sea breeze.

'Puzzled' pulls back closer to the dance floor with a fuzzy bass, swingy drums and dizzy chords before a reprise of 'Ampa', this time complete with a groove inducing beat closes the album in classy style.


1. Lifetime Theme
2. Ampa (No Drums)
3. To Talk
4. Grid Cells
5. Uohha! (Instrumental)
6. Puzzled
7. Ampa (Reprise)


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