Welcome To Paradise (Italian Dream House 89-93) Vol. 1 & 2 on Safe Trip

Words by: J Morris
Posted: 4/4/17 14:44

1988 to 1993 is seen by many house music aficionados as the golden age of the genre; but while many classic records from the period emanated from New York, Chicago and Detroit. A more evocative, melodic and spatial take on the deep house sound co-existed in the same time frame in Europe, uniquely championed by Italian producers.

Taking their cue from Larry Heard and New Jersey records of the era, the sound become known as ‘Dream House’ or indeed ‘Ambient House’ by the Italian scenes leading label DFC Records.

It’s a style often celebrated today by genre defying Dutch DJ and producer Young Marco who shines a light on the scene’s key moments with his excellently curated ‘Welcome To Paradise’ compilation on his own Safe Trip imprint.

Split over the course of two volumes, it’s a heady cache of forgotten gems and much sought after pieces with highlights being Key Tronics Ensemble’s “Calypso of House”, 707 Boys “Emotions”, Don Pablo “Animals” and Sasha (no, not that one) “A Key To Heavenly Trance” (Discogs listings for that record alone are asking upwards of £50.00). Overall it’s a stunning package, and a dewy eyed celebration of a time when a heavenly, imaginative electronic beat ruled European dance floors.


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