ANEK - Rebellion EP on Moon Harbour

Words by: Sarah Mc
Posted: 10/4/17 13:44

ANEK are a pair of female producers who share the same surname but who aren’t actually related. They also share lots of audio skills and plenty of similar sounds and so when they get together to make beats the results are always worth hearing. Here they do so for the Moon Harbour label after previously contributing to the imprint’s 'VA Orbiter' series. 

Up first, 'Neck and Back' makes use of a well known sample and layers it over whirring, trippy machines and sleek tech beats It is one to amp any party and is filled with great colour and tension.

'Beams of Life' then goes a little deeper and more loopy, with pumping kicks looped over one another and  skewed synths bringing a sense of mischief. Some curious far off sounds speak of a desolate urban landscape behind punchy beats and rolling rhythms.

Last of all, the pace is picked up for title track 'Rebellion', a fun and playful tech cut with great piano colours adding warmth and colour to the meandering drums as strong, smouldering female vocals add a dose of essential heat on the top line. Overall, a strong EP that offers a sweet selection of great, club-focused moments.


Martin Buttrich
Lauren Lo Sung
Erick Morillo