Roy Rosenfeld - Tikkva EP on Systematic Recordings

Words by: J Gamp
Posted: 21/4/17 12:09

Roy Rosenfeld's deep touch has graced labels such as Kompakt, Systematic and Traum, and as such it is no surprise that king of the deep, Dixon, often reaches for the his records. Now the producer appears on Marc Romboy’s Systematic Recordings and comes correct with a trio of heady cuts on his Tikkva EP.

'Ahava' kicks things off with a firmly rooted kick drum setting a deep groove. Up top, twinkling keys shine like stars in the night sky, muted thundering synths rise and fall while trippy FX flange in and out of the mix, warm and softly focused.

'Helma' is just as deep, but the rhythms are more wavy and fluid, with sad, sombre piano keys draped over thekbeats, while wandering sine waves add more trippy qualities and long tailed pads bring a sense of forlorn loss. It’s a perfectly seductive, subtle and supple track for real connoisseurs.

Last of all, 'Tikkva' is the most airy and light of the package with skipping and bumpy drums, spacious arrangements and muffled vocal sounds all adding to the dreamy, trance inducing track. Warm and coloured with soft synths and cloud like pads, its a perfect set builder for headier dance floors. 


Martin Buttrich
Lauren Lo Sung
Erick Morillo