Vinicius Honorio - Through The Darkness EP on Drumcode

Words by: Sarah Mc
Posted: 24/4/17 13:10

Vinicius Honorio is a producer who has long had Drumcode in his sights. He has been sending the label run by Adam Beyer demos for years and finally snagged him with some of the tracks that make up his debut EP for the Swish techno titans. Before now his releases on labels such as Renesanz Records and Dolma Records proved him to be a fine master of darkened techno grooves and the tracks he serves up here prove that once more.

Opener 'Walking Shadows' is edgy and nervous, with knife-edge synths jangling up above rooted kicks, it is intense and fiery and a great start. 'Through the Darkness' then goes a little deeper and more moody and meaning, with prowling bass and distance industrial sounds trapping you in some desolate landscape.

'Desolate' then comes next and ramps up the pretty with forceful kicks and loopy, building synth spirals that really get under your skin. Last of all, Out For Blood is another writhing monster with thundering claps and pained synths spraying about with real dark energy. It rounds out an inventive EP packed full of fine and freaky techno sounds.


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