Bimas: Divergent Sounds

Words by: J Gamp
Posted: 5/5/17 13:47

Junior Massimo Bazzano aka Bimas has been a force to be reckoned with in the global house and techno scene since his first release on the seminal Italian imprint Stik Trance back in 2001. Since then, his unique brand of melodic and deep dance music has stood the test of time, landing him releases on Denmark’s Noir Music, Loco Dice’s Desolat and Adam Beyer’s Truesoul.

2017 saw the birth of Bimas’ brand new label, entitled Divergent, which is linked to the revered Media Records. About to serve up the label's second release this spring, Divergent have recruited up and coming artist End To End for a three track EP with remixes from Bimas and Stephan Krus.

We caught up with Bimas to chat about the release, his studio process and what he has planned for the rest of 2017.

Hi Bimas, Thanks for talking to us. How is 2017 treating you so far?

You’re welcome! It’s too early to tell, but many things are spinning around in my head. Thanks to the support i'm receiving from Media Records staff, I guess 2017 is waiting for something new from us, from me. We simply want ‘to give’ and ‘to share’ our music. So I hope by the end of 2017 we will receive a lot of satisfaction in return but for now, everything is alright.

We’ve heard that you co-produced this End to End EP on your label, how did this come about and is it something that you’ve done before?

I originally wrote the song in my studio and tried several demo versions, but I was not entirely happy with it. Then I went to Brescia for a group meeting, so I took the opportunity to play the song to Paolo Aliberti (End To End) when he came to the studio. He told me he was really inspired and wanted to try making his own version. Once he had sent me his mix, I felt it added a lot of value, so this actually inspired me to make a further different mix.

Together we decided to keep his version as the ‘original mix’ and mine, having come later, became a remix. To complete the job, I asked Stephan Krus if he had time to make a version and I must say his remix hit the spot. Musically it fits perfectly between the original and my remix. This entire process has also been very fast and with no issues. I really love it when things work well and quickly. You can feel the commitment, and their pleasure to collaborate, and this puts you in a good mood.

With such a prolonged time spent in the studio during your career, is engineering and mixing down something that you deal with entirely yourself?

Many years have gone by now since I walked into a studio for the first time back in 1996. At that time I quickly realised what I really wanted to do with my life. I love what I do, and I always try to evolve as a sound engineer, as well as focusing on mixing and all that is needed to create an excellent final product.

I am also not confined to the techno genre. I have taken part in, or produced many other projects that are not strictly related to the DJ world. Maximum effort and focus is all that is needed, I am exactly the same during my DJ performances, that's just how I am. I need to do both, and I can't do one without the other. I am aware that my DJ life will end one day, but I will live my studio as long as I can hear the music!

What equipment couldn’t you live without in your studio and why?

Technology today gives us a big helping hand. If for any reason, I had to give it all up, two fundamental things would remain: my PC and a pair of headphones.

With two releases already underway for Divergent in 2017, it looks like you have a busy schedule. Can you tell us about the selection process for the label and how you go about the A&R for new acts?

To tell you the truth, I see many other labels running faster than us, but I don't need to rush. I prefer to do things properly and at the right time. I believe that we are building a good structure. We must allow for each release to breathe, as promotion, PR, sales and everything else, takes time.

The selection process is simple, and quality is always key. We have a creative team who are all part of this process, that's the Media Records world, which has my full support.

How do you play the role of mentor for younger acts now that you have established your label, and what tips do you have for people trying to get into the scene?

I believe that young people today have more chances than when I started. So many labels, the internet, e-mail and fast connections. On one hand everything is fast and easy but even with all of these facilities at your disposal, it must not cheapen the end product. Sometimes it can be too easy!

To those who have just started out my advice is: ‘You have all been dealt your own cards to play with but it is very easy to make bad decisions. Be critical of yourself, give yourself time to grow and understand certain dynamics in the business, and above all never make comparisons between your own products and those which you think are not as good. If you want to play the game, then put yourself in competition with those artists who make top class productions, then make comparisons. Aim high!’.

Divergent are releasing on vinyl as well as digital, can you tell us why this is important to you?

The digital file is practical but it is like it had no consistency, no life, vinyl will be with you forever! Apart from that, I think there are still many people, like me who enjoy finding themselves in a record store, sharing and talking about music with unknown people. This way of getting together is also inspiring!

The vinyl market, is making a healthy revival, and for me it is like looking at a beautiful woman: it’s difficult to take your eyes off her! We could talk for hours but I believe the most important thing is not the format that counts but the quality of the music!

Lastly, what have you got in store for the rest of 2017?

You will definitely see lots of beautiful things coming from the world of Media Records & Divergent, also collaborations and co-productions for UMM, BXR, Neurals. I'm now ready with my new EP for Divergent too. It features 4 totally different, fresh tracks and will hit dance floors in May. We are creating a live tour to promote Media Record's different labels and all the music, so I will be involved in that for sure.

I will also release a track on Adam Beyer's label Drumcode soon. He invited me to join his next V.A. with a track of mine. This is one thing that made me very happy and proud.


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