Hot Since 82 - Evolve Or Die EP on Moon Harbour

Words by: Errol Leslie
Posted: 9/5/17 11:17

Hot Since 82 remains a mover and shaker throughout the many facets of the dance music world, whether it's running parties or releasing dancefloor fire, including a brand new EP on Moon Harbour, with an extra remix from label honcho Matthias Tanzmann to help prop up the main track's weight.

Title track Evolve or Die sees Daley switch up his sound from his usual deep, rolling conjecture, this time opting for a more straight up, balls out techno leaning sound. Rolling, snagging drums form the bed of the track while twinkling, cosmic keys explode up top in rippling patterns. A grinding bassline keeps the feet firmly planted on the ground, offering a slice of dance floor fodder that falls somewhere between techno, house and deep electronica. 

Tanzmann strips things back to a tightly coiled, rubbery tech bouncer. His drums are slick and smooth, and pixel-formed, disintegrating synths are tamed into more curious ticks and nuances. Meanwhile, wonky sine waves inject a dose of dance floor fun into its DNA, ensuring a great end another killer EP from both Daley and Moon Harbour.


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