Meet the Promoter: Gia Sai, Ibiza

Words by: Jim Jones
Posted: 17/5/17 9:58
It is easy to get excited about Ibiza, to look at the big names, visit vast clubs and soak up the hundreds of different atmospheres that make the place so special without ever thinking about the how or why.

Ahead of the start of another sure-to-be-mammoth season, we have decided to try and offer some insight by speaking to the promoters behind some of the key nocturnal activities. We hope to give you a behind the scenes look at what it takes to pull these parties off, to learn about the ups and downs, the biggest challenges and the most lasting rewards for promoters who brave it all. 
First up we speak to Gia Sai, a management and DJ agency ran by Joaquin Justinien, Bryan Anzala and Ivan Fernandez that made a big impact in its first year. As well as developing the career of some of its key acts, it has also partied everywhere from BPM to Dubai, where it just partied to mark its first birthday with Loco Dice. This summer they will promote Black Coffee’s new night at Hi Ibiza. Here we speak about a day in their life, how the game has changed and much more.
Introduce Gia Sia for those who don’t know, what do you do, what are you all about?
Gia Sai is a booking, management and entertainment agency based between London, Ibiza and Paris. We represent upcoming artists and we do events, collaborations, with brands or clubs. We are dedicated to bring the best artists to the finest events and book our artists on the best parties they can play. 
What is a day in your life like? What sort of jobs are you doing regally? How much time do you spend in the office vs in meetings or in clubs?
One day in our life consist on taking care of our artists, providing the best service we can to make them grow and finding gigs for them. We also looking for deals with clubs or promoter to make Gia Sai events. Also, we organise the promotion of our events or our artists, threw social medias or mouth to mouth with our contacts in the industry. Basically, we're doing the job of agent, manager, promoter, PR, at the same time. 
You used to be head PRs at Paradise - how was that? What was it like working with Jamie Jones?
PR manager of Paradise was the best working experience we had, we have learned how to take care of a team and how to promote a big party as Paradise weeks after weeks. We also learn a lot from Paradise Team, it's a real family and being present with them years after years show us it's possible to have success when you stay true to your vision and to your people. 
Jamie is truly a great artist, a real businessman and an amazing person. He gave us an amazing opportunity with this work and he always supported us during all those years. Without him and the Paradise team we would not be where we are now! 
You are experienced promoters in Ibiza - what is good and bad about putting on parties on the island? What is easy, what is hard? What are the most important things you have learnt?
The most important thing we have learnt is to have no expectation on what gonna happen every season. Every year the island is surprising us with new parties, new DJ's residency and no matter how hard you try to imagine how it's gonna be, it always be different that what you expected!
About the parties, the easy part is that Ibiza is full of people ready to party so you just have to bring them to your event, but the hard part is that there's a crazy competition between clubs and promoter everyday of the week!  The good part is that you having the best job in world, the hard part is that is exhausting and you have to be careful with all the bad stuffs (drugs and alcohol)
We often hear about the battles with authorities - what is it like working with the police and council? Are they helpful or generally against you?
Working with authorities is never easy, we have to work closely with them to make things happen.  They are not against us, as parties is what bring people to the island, but I would not say they are really helpful.
What tips and tricks do you have for making a great party on Ibiza? What are the most important things to get right do you think?
To make a great party in ibiza, you need the good location, the good music, the good people, the weather and the vibe! When you have all of this useless it's a good party, but trust me it's rare to have all of this at the same time, this is what differences the amazing party than the regular ones! 
You have some special after parties organised - with the authorities factored in, how hard is it to find venues for these things?
It's getting harder and harder to find venues for afterparties, but with our contacts we manage to find some good ones! The hardest part is to find new venues, and then to not be shutdown by the police, which is more complicated now with all the new technologies! 
Tell us about Black Coffee - how did you come to work with him? What is his new night like? What is he like?  
He became the sensation of the summer and we directly had a good feeling with him so every-time he was playing we would go and support him in the DJ booth.The idea to work with him actually came from Lionel Marciano his manager, we met him in New York threw a common friend and since this day we stayed in contact. The Black Coffee residency is going to bring something new to the island, we really looking forward to start and to show to the people what is all about! 
More information on Gia Sai can be found here.


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