Acid Lane - Never Ending Moments on Warung Recordings

Words by: Angel Keene
Posted: 22/5/17 10:10

The Warung label is one of the foremost outlets in all of Brazil. Acid Mondays are one of the most acclaimed production pairings of the day. Put them together with a rising starlet on a fine new EP and, boom - Acid Lane are born. Watch the sparks fly.

Title track 'Never Ending Moments' results in a deep and paranoid cut with snaking baselines and creepy synths setting the ton for a spooky and unnerving atmosphere.

At the same time Caroline Guerra's fiery vocals add that element of steamy sexiness and so the whole thing really gets under your skin.

As well as an instrumental with no vocals and instead just the raw beats, Acid Mondays provide their own '5D dub'. Quicker, harder and stripped down in comparison to the original, its libidinous vocal cries, dubbed out chords and tough, wooden hits gliding along and forcing you to dance.

Then lady of the moment Lauren Lane also serves up a remix, unfolding over nine minutes and really draws you in. The vocals are ghostly and voiceless here, with the tinkling little keys bring an air of intrigue as the drums drive on. A slick new package that will no doubt do proper damage this summer.


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