Maximono - Non Sense EP on Dirtybird Select

Words by: Angel Keene
Posted: 22/5/17 10:16
Maximono are, unsurprisingly for a duo that releases on Dirtybird, real bass lovers. They like to serve up big, kicking tracks with plenty of quirky samples and dirty bass that makes you sweat. This new EP, with two fresh tracks, is no different. 
Non Sense is a brain numbing shuffler with wonky sine waves burrowing deep into your brain. It has tambourines, flappy snares and some tribal vocal chants that really kick it off in style.  This is one to drop at the BBQ, in the sun, and watch the crowd go wild for the madness.
Next comes Reign Down, which is a mash up of old school jungle breakbeats, frazzled chord lines and melodic rain that falls down the face of it all. With lots of white noises blasts, sweeping filters and a popping vibe overall, this is as colourful and characterful as club music gets, so will surely go on to big things this summer.



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