Meadows In The Mountains 2017

Words by: Sophie Roberts
Posted: 22/5/17 17:28

Rightly or wrongly, many of the festivals we have come to frequent are city based, the attendees of which couldn't imagine staggering up a mountain in their new Air Max.

However, if you’re of the opinion that cliquey raves are becoming tiresome, you’ll be excited at the prospect of Meadows In the Mountains returning for its 6th year of untamed abandon and woe-free frolicking. 

Tucked away in the stunningly beautiful Rhodopes Mountains in Bulgaria, lies the quaint little village of polkovnik serafimovo, with its arms opened to all those arriving.

From the 9th - 11th June, the nature drenched site transforms into a mystic, other worldly phenomenon, and more importantly gives a gentle nudge to the common misconception of a modern day festival. 

Arcane festivals of this ilk are, sadly, increasingly rare. The burning-man inspired triumph tends to distance itself from A list line ups and gets back to the roots of what festivals are all about. Arts and explorative acts litter the line up and re iterate the will to keep things organic, rich in quality and ego-less. And what better surroundings to support this notion.

After an Evening of exquisite star gazing, followed by a staggeringly beautiful sun rise over the morning mist, revellers can enjoy a range of out-there activities... horse and cart taxis, mountain zip lines, bob sleighing and thermal springs and waterfalls are all on the agenda.

This year Saoirse, youandewan and Valentin Stip have the pleasure of providing the soundtrack to the sublime happenings on the hill.

The festival provides music from sunrise to sunset, enabling dancers to stumble across hidden gloriousness in the forests as the sunlight slips through the trees.

Judging from previous gestures, it is clear the minds behind the festival care for this occasion like an old friend; the eco-friendly bunch provide locally sourced organic foods and materials at their raw event and commendably encourage festival goers to clean up their act upon departure.

The structures built are permanent and there are even plans to help start a community to thrive off the back of the festival. Respect. 

If you’re looking for an esoteric festival that truly speaks to the soul; its all that and a bag of kale.

You can even check yourself into 'The Orpheus Pool Party' spa the day after the festival who’s staff will no doubt meet you with a hot cocoa and a phone charger, as well as spin a few around the outdoor pool. Sweet.

For just £120 a pop, Its worth the hike, honest.


Lauren Lo Sung
Erick Morillo
Valentino Kanzyani