Alan Fitzpatrick: 'Ibiza is as important and relevant as ever'

Words by: Sophie Roberts
Posted: 23/5/17 15:15
Techno don Alan Fitzpatrick is not known for doing things by halves - a busy producer DJ and record boss, his fevered sets and hi energy approach to upfront dance music have seen him appear as a regular on labels such as Drumcode, and appear as a much loved guest at events such as Do Not Sleep, whose opening party coincides with the 2017 launch of Sankeys Ibiza on Wednesday (May 24).
Alan sat down for a quick chat with us on running his own We Are The Brave imprint, his love for cats and the special reasons why Ibiza is so close to his heart amongst other news.
Alan thanks for chatting to us, first things first, Sankeys opens imminently. How are you feeling about getting back to Ibiza/ the club and the Do Not Sleep crew?
I'm feeling really excited for the opening. Its always an extra buzz to be involved in these special nights. There is a different vibe when its an opening or a birthday or whatever. Everything goes up a notch! Plus I feel really at home with Do Not Sleep. I played for them a few times last summer at Space and always had a great time and I think with Darius’ history at Sankeys its a great home for them in 2017. 
What is it about the place that makes it so special for you?
Ibiza has always been a part of my clubbing experience. I've been coming here every year since I was 17. I also got married here and so have so many happy memories of the Island. Ibiza was also at the heart of the start of things really kicking off for me career wise with how much exposure my remix of 'I Want You' got back in 2014. That was an important moment for me and just shows the importance and relevance of Ibiza still.
You do play a lot with the Drumcode guys, you must know each others mixing styles inside out! Do you ever switch it up to keep each other guessing?
Yeah, I've been a part of the crew now for eight years so it does feel like Adam and the team at the label are friends and not just colleagues. There is always a pretty clear structure to their events with a logical music progression so things don't get mixed up too much however sometimes plans change like at Warehouse Project last November when I was asked last minute to close the room. That was a special moment. Such an incredible atmosphere in that venue and I loved having the job of making the finale of the night.
Your recent release, 'Brian's Proper Dun One', was about your pals cat right? Please tell us you found Brian!
Sadly not. Poor Brian is still lost but you never know. You hear stories of cats going missing and returning months and months later.
In terms of your production- You’ve flown through various styles of techno since you first burst onto the scene in 2008, what’s been inspiring you recently?
I've really enjoyed launching my We Are The Brave label. As it's my own project I have full control over the musical direction and that lets me experiment with different sounds as well as invite some other artists I respect to remix tracks. Brave will always be about pushing boundaries and keeping things fresh so expect the unexpected.
It's been just over a year since your fabric mix: have you got anything else in the pipeline we can look forward to?
Right now I am just focusing on We Are The Brave. We did our first events at the end of March and have a 4-show guest residency at Do Not Sleep through August and September before we go back to doing more club shows in the autumn. So that is where my energy is going right now. Building the release schedule and working on lighting and visual elements for the parties.
We bet every day is a dream for you to play, but if you could hand pick a line up to be a part of, who would it be?
I was talking to someone the other day about the Slinky events we used to go to in Bournemouth back in the day and I had the wild idea of trying to book some of those guys for a We Are The Brave event. It’d be mad for me to play with the resident Gaz White or someone like Mauro Picotto. Lets see what happens!
Finally, what's coming up apart from your Ibiza commitments that's worthy of note?
I've a busy run of festival shows right across Europe all summer plus I'm going back to play Hideout Festival in Croatia and EDC Festival Las Vegas next month. Those two shows were right up there as my favourites last year so that's something I am looking forward too. Oh yeah and I'm playing a couple of shows for Elrow here in Ibiza and so i’ll get to experience playing the Amnesia Terrace which I am sure will be pretty mind blowing.

Alan Fitzpatrick plays the Do Not Sleep x Sankeys Ibiza opening party Weds 24th May. Tickets available here.


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