Nandu - Yolanda EP on Connected

Words by: Angel Keene
Posted: 24/5/17 9:13

Both the Stereo Mcs and Terranova made their names through breaking the boundaries in the genres they specialise in, so it’s no surprise that their label connected features stellar artists who have their own signature sound.

Hailing from Copenhagen, connected’s Nandu has built a reputation for subtly applying jazz, rock and pop to his electronic canvas and his latest release ‘Yolanda’ is no different.

Inspired by Nandu hearing a sample of a marimba, the opener ‘Yolanda’ starts off in a spacious shell of a pitter patter bassline, which is then met with a fluttering melody that rises like a snake being charmed.

The more abrasive ‘Lip sync’ is packed with rattling percussion, bleeps and flickering noises that crash together in a fusion of intricate sound design. There’s also an otherworldly vibe the this cut, as gloomy drones meander through metronomic, tick-tock synths, echoing a robot invasion.

Lastly, ‘The Way to Soul’ has a life of its own as the pulsating heartbeat drum pattern pumps energy into a drifting synth. “Through the mountains, you’ll find your soul” the evocative vocals repeat over the ritualistic beating of a bongo drum, providing a backdrop that evokes the space of an isolated dessert night.

‘Yolanda’ is a rock solid EP that showcase the talents of this Danish producer.


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