Doomwork - Cantico EP on Rooms

Words by: J Gamp
Posted: 24/5/17 10:34

 have released on labels like Cocoon and Ovum and now get tapped up by new fledgling imprint Rooms. Looking to add freshness to the global underground landscape, they've made a great start out of the blocks with their inaugural EP, which on first listen suggests that the new label will be focusing on club ready techno bangers. 
Title track 'Cantico' goes first and is a dark and driving number with rock solid kicks. The hi-hats are razor sharp and cut up the groove as the rumbling bass rolls on below. Trippy synths explode out in all directions and bring a sense of funk and fluidity to proceedings as you are carried ever higher.
'Notes of Desert' then receives more house-inclined treatment, with some rocking kicks, booming basslines and vibe chords that are warm, colourful and fun in their stringy, bouncing structure.
As such, Doomwork have offered up a package high functioning tracks that create maximum big room impact, without losing any of it's unique retain sense of character.  


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