H.O.S.H gives new album Stories From SA TALAIA away for free via Soundcloud

Words by: J Gamp
Posted: 1/6/17 16:52

In a surprise move, Diynamic co-owner H.O.S.H has released his new album,Stories From SA TALAIA, today and for free via his Soundcloud page.

Solomun's long term partner, friend and musician has released his new album entirely for free, a double mix CD comprising only of brand new material from the respected German deep house purveyor.

Of the album, H.O.S.H explained that the new DJ mix album was made in many live studio sessions, when he laid down beats in one take using a hands-on approach, rather than by clicking away with a mouse. It has lead him to realise that there has never been more synergy between H.O.S.H the producer and H.O.S.H the DJ. 

“I would say the sounds of the mix go more hand in hand with the sounds I’m playing in my sets,” he says. “As a matter of fact, I now play all the tracks that I produce and have never had as much fun as doing so. So the new album feels more like the sound of the real me rather than any new direction.” 

Stream and download 'Stories from Sa Talaia' in the Soundcloud player below.

H.O.S.H - 'Stories from SA TALAIA'

A Meeting Mia Lee (feat. Mia Lee)
B The Watergate Affair (feat. ABBY)
C Ocean Data
D Fighting the Daemons
E Fire and Ice
F O fratello mio (with Lehar)
G Ristretto Love Story
H standing still is moving backwards
I Atlantis is not a fairy tale (with Pig&Dan)
J Brotherhood Balearea (with Pig&Dan)
K one more before we go (feat. SONO)
L Awakening of the Birds (feat. Karmon)
M Island Blues (with Tim Engelhardt)
N Rose Marines Saga (with Musumeci)
O la mer la mer (with Johannes Brecht)
P Natalias Lullaby


Lauren Lo Sung
Erick Morillo
Valentino Kanzyani