Pearson Sound - Robin Chasing Butterflies on Pearson Sound

Words by: J Gamp
Posted: 2/6/17 14:12

Bristol-based producer Pearson Sound is off exploring disparate sound textures again in this, his brand new EP release Robin Chasing Butterflies. An airy and dynamic package that drifts through different shades of house music with aplomb and seamless ease, the release sees David Kennedy eschew the dancefloor and the anthemic status of Footloose and XLB for something more introverted and fringe based. 

As ever with Kennedy's Pearson Sound moniker, in comparison to his tracks as Ramadanman, less is most certainly more. With a stripped back approach and skeleton, it's often surprising what Pearson Sound can create with such a basic approach.

Title track 'Robin Chasing Butterflies' keeps a taut and 808-laced beat pattern, light and pitched up tempo are shaken abruptly by dipping, bottom-end soaked basslines, bouncing and riffing off the electro-boogie tinged timbres of the beats. 

'Eels' certainly reflects Kennedy's tendency to lean towards introspective moment, a beatless ambient number that incorporates subtle field recordings, shooting synth bursts and glassy, synth lead melodies. 

Rounding off the new EP is 'Heal Me', with it's washed out EQ and sonics, it reintroduces beats and kicks, but slowed down to a tempo well below 100bpm. Subdued and melancholic in its vibe with beautiful chords and strings bringing an extra dimension of tone.

It's the perfect antidote to some of his more dancefloor based, club banger material.


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