Ibiza Voice talk to HOSH

Words by: J Gamp
Posted: 6/6/17 22:17

HOSH is entering the next part of his career - but with the release of his free to download double mix album he's approaching it in a different way than before.

Made up of beats he crafted at home in Ibiza, he new LP runs through emotive house to driving techno and deeper beats all in one fine trip. It comes on his own new label fryhide, which will also put out the tracks from it across various EPs, as well as music from other artists. This summer the Diynamic associate has much more planned, so we sat down to speak to him about life in Ibiza, the concept of his new album, its collaborations and more.

You live in Ibiza - how has that changed life for you?
I always loved living here in the summer months. But when we first came here off season to plan our wedding two years ago we felt that we somehow wanted to be here all year. The Winter for us is even more amazing. Quality of life is just really really good and its simply beautiful and peaceful. Last Winter had the biggest rainfalls since ages and we still loved it.

I was a bit scared first due to the flight situation to go here for the whole year and I must say it was really annoying

Every weekend in the winter months when travelling out the sacrifice is to take at least one more flight and sometimes even travel a day early to make the show. This might sound not so bad, but for everybody who travels a lot and spends already lots of tims in airports it is an absolute horror. But hey, isn't there always a price to pay for everything in life?

And have you got any secret tips for people coming to the island - places to go and eat, nice beaches, stuff away from the usual areas?
Not really. I mean everybody has their favorite spots but overall its hard to fail in Ibiza. If you care for a good everyday lunch go to la taverna. Good walk is behind las Salinas in the woods and the coast line. If you wanna take friends to a nice lunch with great views check Es Boldado (it used to be the islands best kept secret). If you wanna stay in but still enjoy some good local food just pass by Sa Cuinetta in Sant Josep.

How do you feel about the new album now you look back? Has enough time passed for you to assess it?
You know its always weird with a bigger project. The actual creative time is not that long in the end. But the tale thats coming afterwards is another story. It´s a long line of decisions. From Mixdown to Promotion, Press and Marketing to Launch to Social Media. For this album i chose a route aside the normal structures. It´s for sure a risky route but i like to take risks as they usually also push you as a person to the next level. What i know about this album is that its 100% HOSH.

I wrote it (some tracks with help of collaborating friends), I produced it, I mixed it, I even took the cover photo and now i started a label to release it to give it a suiting platform. Obviously this wouldn't be possible without the help of many people involved but i hope you get the point. There hasn't been enough time passed to look back but I can say that I am happy with the actual work. The rest is out of my hands anyway.

When did you have the idea you would do it on your own label, as one DJ mix? What made you chose that method?
The idea to do it as a mix came in the very begin. I wanted to show my producer and DJ sides in one project. I thought about it and thought for me this is kind of the holy grail. To do a complete mix / set but also to produce the tracks. Its a crazy the idea and not many approached it yet but thats what i liked about it.

The decision to do it as a free download and offer the tracks for DJs afterwards in 4 EP releases came afterwards. Somehow I don´t think our fast digital aera is very album friendly. Its all about the press you get and came down for many as a main goal about doing an album. That's somehow wrong if you ask me. So the way I am doing it now its just a new approach on how to handle a project that size in our times.

There are some collaborations on the album - why chose the people included to work with? What was it like?
I just felt that it would be good to have some different vibes in the album mix. Like I would play different stuff in a set as well. So i asked some of my favorite producers to send me quick ideas and then I would take it from there and remix them. This way it's still HOSH but it has a vibe from someone else as well. It worked out very well I think.

What else will the label release - just your music or music from other people?
Exactly, for DJs i will offer the album tracks in form of 4 EP´s on my new label fryhide. It makes sense to also make this tools available for other DJs. I always wanted to do a label so this brings another opportunity. I actually already signed the first 4 track EP from another producer. It´s from Tim Engelhardt. I am very impressed by his talents. With just 19 years he is looking back on an impressive history of releases already and he still is just starting. So i am super excited to work with him and support him on his path.

And how important will artwork be? Will you do vinyl?
The artwork is very important to me. The artwork is based on the amazing photographs from Sandra Bildstein. They are so deep and poetic and full of freedom and represent perfectly the visual aspect to go along with the music i am planning to release on fryhide. She loves the idea of her art being pressed as a Vinyl cover. She was actually working at Container Records begin of the 2000 when it was Hamburgs biggest record store. So yes, we will do Vinyl.

Finally what's coming up for You for the rest of the year in Ibiza?
I will be doing a few shows at DC10 for Circoloco and also our Diynamic showcase this year. Besides that, only single shows at different parties on the island. I am planning the first fryhide showcase at a special location. Production wise I will dive into remixing now and then towards autumn work on new HOSH material. The main focus will now be on the album tour.


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