Barcelona's must-check venues of 2017

Words by: S Roberts
Posted: 7/6/17 9:54

Unless you are a Barcelona veteran capable of surviving without sleeping for weeks on end, its almost impossible to have visited all of the city's 800 venues (we didn't believe that either).

In the run up to OFF week, you may be struggling to visualise your evening - you may even arrive at a club and not be feeling it at all. But hey - that's okay!

With such a mouth-watering selection of clubs of every calibre, we've hoarded a list of party places old and new, big and small for you to consider.

We reckon club-hopping is absolutely necessary if you want to get a good grasp on how it goes down in various venues during the week, because lets be honest, every club is going to be doing the business sonically.


Despite being a little bit selective, it's oh so worth it if you can wangle it through the queue and past the door. Expect the likes of Sonja Moonear to swing past and play impromptu sets til the cows come home. There's something devilishly oxymoronic about being somewhere plush but also being part of a sweaty, pulsing crowd as the sunlight pours in through the greenhouse-style windows. Thumbs up from us.

INPUT High Fidelity Dance Club

At the other end of the nightclub spectrum, INPUT have been banging drums make no mistake.

Revellers were promised a 'new techno haven' prior to the clubs opening last year; it is safe to say they have delivered. Despite the balcony wrapped around the top of the dancefloor, that gritty underground feel is tangible as soon as you walk through the door, complimented with a monstrous Void rig and lighting to boot. 

Lose yourself somewhere dingy for a while.

Moog Club

If you are up for the best of both worlds without missioning around, head to Moog, just off Las Ramblas.

Their selections are consistently unquestionable. Upstairs you will find a 'mirror room' with a slightly more commercial purpose, but you should be able the feel the basement rumbling underneath your feet. A proper techno club; anticipate a low ceiling, bolts of red lighting and a DJ booth which has been constructed in good faith of the crowd. Intimate!

Hotel Diagonal BCN

This elite venue, holding just 200 dancers, is the epitome of intimate. The door policy emulates the size of the club, with many events exercising invite only scenarios.

Right place - right time situation, but if you can make it up to the Shoreditch House style roof terrace, you're in for a one off party that is all about the atmosphere. The view isn't too shabby either!

ZT Villa Olimpica

This open air wonder combines old habits and contemporary design to bring a modern feel to the string of outdoor spaces.

Unlike La Terrrazza and El Monestario, which, due to their historic locations, do have sound limitations, ZT kicks off all the live long day. It's the by-product of trial and error and its absolutely perfect. 

You wont need to worry about getting in either, expect down to earth and friendly vibes that will fit at any point of your trip. If you're having a rubbish time (unlikely) then make this your safety shout.


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