xxxy - TTY025 EP on Ten Thousand Yen

Words by: J Gamp
Posted: 9/6/17 8:02


Cheeky chappie and Rinse FM DJ xxxy has always dipped in out of varying styles of UK dance music, but he's been widely known for his 4x4 styles and garage inflected beats, using hyper accelerated vocal chops that pay homage to Todd Edwards and tough and metallic drums and snares that hark back to the genre's proto-dubstep sound courtesy of El-B and Zed Bias besides more sonic flourishes.

But the Manchester hailing producer has always been known for his sense of fun and here he retains that same spirit as he returns to his regular London home of Ten Thousand Yen. But here, Rupert Taylor is again stepping away from the armoured, stepping beats for a more eclectic, house party themed ride, steam-rolling through multiple strains of house music.

Up first,  dives into disco house on 'On Da Run', maintaining a choppy, ravey feel through it vocal-cum-break, while skipping and uplifting horn samples and swinging beats form the track's backbone. However, it's main function is to be played to a room of wide eyed ravers and given the right party, they'll all lap this beauty up for sure. 

Next up, the summer flavours burst out the pack in thumping, grinding fashion onthe aptly titled 'Get Banged'; tribal and bass heavy drums and snares stomp out a locked groove, extra percussive ticks, swooshing synths and oscillating synths pierce a slab of sound big enough to get any booty shaking.

The sun goes down as 'OO SH' kicks in, with it's rave melody sample and 808 inspired breaks and Altern8 inspired tempo and drive, it's rave time on the EP's penultimate track.

Things take an interesting track with stand out cut, 'Make Things Better'. With it's flanged melody sitting gently in the background while wide atmospherics delay, field recordings float upwards and gentle, cantering beats massage and relax in the tracks final throes.




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