The OFF-week Techno selection

Words by: S Roberts
Posted: 9/6/17 10:44

Visualising your time in Barcelona may conjure images of the daytime Balearic persuasion, and rightly so.

However, there comes a time when one has had enough of watching people mince around the pool in their flip flops, and you feel like getting darker and dirtier. Normally, this is nightfall on day one for us.

We do feel that, for whatever reason, techno is perhaps a little under represented amongst the masses of house music during the week, so our goal here is to shine a light on some of the finer off-week events not featuring the 4/4.

Check out our thunderous list of parties where you can get loose in a dark club. It is essential to get your dose of techno after all. 

Wednesday 14 June - Hex Presents Polegroup Showcase - INPUT

Straight from the off, Hex pulls out a serious card in the form of a collaboration between two of the leading global techno labels.

Oscar Mulero (yikes) heads things up for Hex, whilst Polegroup opt for a strong techno back to back between their label charterers. Expect plenty of driving percussion and low end loops you can lose yourself in.

Line Up 

Oscar Mulero
Jonas Kopp b2b Pfirter
Exium Live

Thursday 15 June - Detroit Love - El Monasterio

Yes, during the daytime here the party may seem a little tame if you are wanting an all out riot, as Moodymann's signature style typically bleeds into house. He will, however, deliver the sonic goods.

Moving into the night, you certainly will not be left on the sidelines as Ostgut Ton mainstay Ben Klock and bass-heavy DJ Stingray wade in with their trademark kick drums and bell chimes. A perfect crescendo.

Line Up

Martin Buttrich
Ben Klock
DJ Stingray

Friday 16 June - Warm Up Showcase - Moog Club

Not what it says on the tin- the name suggests a gentle builder, but we guarantee anything but.

We know we've already seen Mulero, but miss a chance to catch Berghain resident Jeroen Search? We think not! Rough and choppy mixing of industrial techno, in Moog Club basement too! Unreal.

It is good to see line up with just three DJ's too, giving each more time to explore.

Line Up

Oscar Mulero
Jeroen Search

Saturday 17 June - TIH: Planetary Assault Systems - Razzmatazz

Not as industrial as our Friday pick, given that Mathew Jonson usually adds a bit of groove with his live sets, but we can't fault that can we! In the unlikely event there is any slack to be picked up, Radio Slave is on hand. Grindhouse, anyone? Let's hope not.

This will all be pounding out of the Loft, so if you like the venue, be sure to check out Ben Sims and Randomer here later in the week.

Line Up

Radio Slave
Mathew Jonson live
Sebastian Mullaert live
Lukas Wigflex b2b Cedric Maison
Ste Roberts

Sunday 18 June - Happy Techno - Barcelona Beach

Happy Techno? Does not make a lot of sense bearing in mind our knowledge of the acts on the line up, but go on then. Deborah De Luca will surely do the business and it would be interesting how this would go down at Parc De La Pau.

After a week of heavy clubbing, this could work out. We're a little bit on the fence with this one's techno credentials so let's call this a wild card. We have an open mind!

Line Up

Anthony Attalla
Deborah De Luca
Manuel De La Mare
Russ Yallop
Yvan Genkins


Roberto Capuano
Politics Of Dancing
Ralph Lawson