5 breakthrough DJs to catch during OFF Week 2017

Words by: S Roberts
Posted: 13/6/17 13:25

The A list DJs in this industry are there because they deserve to be; but the argument as to whether the industry is too saturated is ongoing. Statistically, you have got very little chance of getting your big break, because it seems big breaks have boiled down to 'who you know, not what you know' scenarios at an alarming rate.

How many times have you listened to a warm up DJ and been totally blown away?

Not only that, but actually preferred it, because you have been able to breathe and get to the bar with relative ease. Headliners bring with them a vast crowd (a win for the promoter and the event generally) but there can be other annoyances we all are too familiar with. 

Here are a few DJ's to watch out for during OFF Week that we believe are on the verge of blowing up. Catch 'em while it's quiet, people!

Greg Brockmann - Half Baked - Thursday 15 June

The long-standing Half-Baked resident and core contributor to the revered label, has been a triumph across Europe for the last year.

We think it is only a matter of time before event organisers are falling over themselves to book this guy, despite the common misconception that DJ's can't expand from their residencies. Have a listen and decide for yourself; his selection ranges from groovy baselines to high-end jazz cuts designed to move your waistline. 

Anika Kunst - INSERT Showcase - Sunday 18 June

It is the concept for INSERT that initially made our heads turn. The event specifically requests no mobiles, no fashionistas and no VIPs. All that is left is a heads down situation.

There are no major headliners either and after listening to Anika's music, we're heading down 100%. The Macarena Club resident has been embracing tougher sounds and appears to be very comfortable there. Anika will be playing a number of low-key events during OFF Week before jetting off to Sankeys Ibiza for a few dates over summer. Go girl!

Biemsix - Obscura - Saturday 17 June

Get your best hard wearing shoes on for some unhinged breaky techno influences. Initially, the Italian producer began making waves in dub and hip hop circuits, but has tamed his sound with his 'Club Life' EP. The Mandarino Club resident is heading up the Obscura showcase with fellow Italian trio Agents Of Time.


Mahony - Serán Bendecidos - Saturday 17 June

Admittedly, all eyes are probably on Mahony already. On the off chance they're not, let us introduce the latest addition to the ever-growing list of unchallenged Romanians.

His debut at Sunwaves this year cemented his status among the stripped-back collective and yesterday it was announced that he's already been booked for Loco Dice's Serán Bendecidos, so he's already on the up!

You can check that party out here: Loco Dice announces Serán Bendecidos

Audri - YAY & Classic Party - Thursday 15 June

Another understated producer who is hitting all the right notes. His recent 'House Delights' EP has been sitting on slipmats across Europe and is a firm yes for the record bag. His sets, much like his releases, are littered with acid synth stabs and jazzy baselines to deliver a unique contribution to the current scene.


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