The best value OFF-Week parties of 2017

Words by: S Roberts
Posted: 14/6/17 15:38

We have all used the phrase 'doing it on the cheap' and gone out with every intention of being careful with our money..but then within a matter of hours, been at the ATM drawing out another €100, 'just in case'. We know how it goes...

Whilst we would love to be able to afford €30 plus every day for a big bucks ticket, sometimes that just isn't an option. However, if you cannot bare missing out on OFF Week fun and are heading out with limited funds - then fear not, we have done the digging so you don't have to!

We have been around the Ibiza Voice office collecting tips to put together a selection of parties that go easy on your dough. Some are within walking distance of the main hub, so there is no need for confusing conversations with taxi drivers as you desperately scramble for your last €7.

Without further ado, discover six weekend parties below that you should be able to make a solid dent in - without breaking the bank.

Friday 16 June: Day
Cynosure X Wagon Repair 2pm-11pm  

Price: 20€
Place: ZT Hotel Villa Olimpica 
Line Up:
Modern Deep Left Quartet, Mike Shannon, Konrad Black, Dewalta

Friday 16 June: Night
TIH Ben Simms 11pm - 6am  

Price: 14€
Place: Razzmatazz
Line-up: Ben Simms, Function live,  Randomer

Saturday 17 June: Day
Art of Dark 2pm - 11pm 

Price: 20€
Place: ZT Hotel Villa Olimpica 
Line-up: Onur Ozer, Etienne, Andrew James Gustav, Colin Chiddle

Saturday 17 June: Night
Spun Out x Ransom Note 11pm - 6am 

Price: 12€
Place: Moog Club 
Line-up: Andrew Weatherall, Ivan Smagghe, Autarkic, She Made Monster

Sunday 18 June: Day/Night
INSERT Showcase 6pm - 4am 

Price: 11€
Place: Razzmatazz Full Club 
Line-up: Anika Kunst, Audiolux, Flug, Korben Nice, Miki Craven, Rotter, Serkin, Sinert, Spear

Sunday 18 June: Night
Lobster Theremin Showcase 6pm - 4am 

Price: 20€
Place: Gauss BCN 
Line-up: Route 8 , Nthing, DJ Seinfeld, CFD live, Luz1e


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