Loco Dice announces Serán Bendecidos in Barcelona

Words by: S Roberts
Posted: 12/6/17 18:29

We said earlier on during the whole OFF week hype influx that we had not seen very much of Loco Dice. This was highly unusual to us. We are delighted to tell you that there is a very good reason why - he and the Desolat crew have been plotting something new.

Let us introduce Serán Bendecidos, a fresh event series born from the success and global infiltration of Desolat.

Loco Dice initiated Desolat ten years ago and has been blurring the lines of house and techno ever since. The elated crowds at his parties, or indeed wherever he plays, are left unable to diagnose his mixing techniques, which flow through various club styles and give away his hip-hop roots. 

We expect a turn out from his fierce, hedonistic following and, of course, a melting pot of music brought together by artists whose cultural influences bring something new, yet familiar to Desolat.

Although Serán Bendecidos features beautiful artwork and kicks off with regular Dice conspirators such as Celeb Calloway, Danny Ocean, Francisco Allendes, Mahony and Yaya, we are not quite sure what to expect from this event, nor do we see how it differs from a regular Desolat event.

However, we shall be there to see for ourselves, and any party featuring the inimitable Guti - a big favourite in the Ibiza Voice office - doing a live set, has got to be worth a visit. We go there with an open mind..


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