Cardopusher - New Cult Fear LP on Boyznoise Recordings

Words by: J Gamp
Posted: 14/6/17 14:15

It’s always been hard to pin down what genre best fits Cardopusher; the Venezuelan born jock has taken his DIY punk aesthetic from glitch & dubstep to techno and electro over the years, leaving the listener with a certain sense of curiosity when a new release arrives. Here he continues to show his talent in creating experimental , noise-rock nodding electro in ‘New Cult Fears’, where  he once again places an emphasis on dark, occult soundscapes.

Working for numerous labels over the years, pusher joined the much-lauded Boysnoize Records and since then his, releases have taken an industrial turn with ‘New Cult Fears’ appearing to be the pinnacle of his dystopian, mechanistic sounds. 

There are rarely moments in this album where Cardopusher doesn’t push hard hitting instrumentals to the forefront and the opener, ‘Dream jumping’, makes this very clear. Its fast paced drum pattern kicks the album off as with colliding melodies and evocative strings. The otherworldly ‘Mind Eraser’ sees dirt, bottom heavy noises combine with sci-fi synths, whilst ‘Idol Worship’ is reminiscent of his Classicworks release ‘Manipulator’ - a gurgling acid line meanders through frantic vocal chants.

‘Crystal Nightcap’ and ‘Rigid Body Dynamics’ then counter the album’s darkness with colourful but brooding, heavy hearted atmospherics. 

Cardopusher is not the sort to stagnate in the same form and becoming a predictable novelty artist. The noise terrorist proves time and time again that he will not be pigeon holed; on that front ‘New Cult Fear’ is another triumph. It just might not be everyone's 'cup of tea'.


Lauren Lo Sung
Erick Morillo
Valentino Kanzyani