Staying Power - 6 reasons to hit Cocoon Ibiza

Words by: Elena K
Posted: 13/6/17 11:08

Techno parties might take place every night in Ibiza, but no one ever can beat Monday nights in Amnesia.

launched by the devilishly endowed Sven Väth, as long as 18 summers ago, steps into its strongest season for years in 2017. With the doors swung open on May 29, dance madness will go on weekly till October, let us explain why it would be a crime to miss it.

1. Cocoon isn’t either over - or under - conceptualised. This night has its style and decorations, but they never overshadow the music. At the same time, it’s not that, to put it politely, an easy-going approach: ‘We have a dancefloor and a couple of speakers, that’s enough for you to have fun’.

Cocoon are respectful towards punters, and they know what good measure is.

2. Papa Sven is a freak. There are oh so many gifted artists and promoters in Ibiza – but time shows that talents are sprinters and freaks are stayers. Even when with a serious face, Sven oozes with irony – and that’s something many artists lack today.3. Cocoon, being Papa Sven’s brainchild, is not a one-man show. It is a rare exception for the Ibiza nightlife community, where the most successful events are firmly built around one headliner. Just look at the names of the parties coined in the recent few years. First it became trendy to baptise an event series in “My friends and I” style: Luciano and Friends, Cristian Varela and Friends… Now even friends are not needed anymore: Black Coffee’s party is simply Black Coffee, Eric Prydz’s one is as easy as Eric Prydz.

Yes, yes, yes, the king of the party must always keep vigil on his throne – otherwise a palace coup might happen and his night might be associated with someone else’s name (scandal!!!). Cocoon don’t go that way. Papa doesn’t even show up every week, feeling fully confident with his bookings. And time shows, he can afford it.

4. Prodigal sons might leave Cocoon, but sooner or later they come back. Richie Hawtin might have launched his ENTER. project in Space, Ricardo Villalobos might have had a brief love affair with Next Wave – but now they are back in Amnesia on Mondays for 5 and 6 dates respectively.

Why so? Aren’t they invited to play anywhere else in Ibiza?

Come on. Cocoon is a household name synonymous with comfort and stability, coupled with creative freedom. That’s the reason.5. Of course, it doesn’t matter if the artist behind the decks ticks M or F in his questionnaire. But still the difference in their creative approach can be quite distinct: many pro clubbers can identify by ear if the set was created by a guy or a girl. In this aspect, Cocoon 2017 represents a perfectly strong female crew featuring Nina Kraviz, tINI, Dana Ruh, Nastia and more. 

6.Nostalgic traditions. Remember when you first came to Ibiza? You were taken to Cocoon as the main must-go. Remember standing there, in the midst of the dancefloor, with your mouth wide open, losing your techno virginity on Ibiza scale (obviously, those events you visited in your hometown was not Techno with a capital T).

And now you are back. Dancefloor veteran, salted raver – and forever a Cocoon fan.


Lauren Lo Sung
Erick Morillo
Valentino Kanzyani