Sankeys club to open in Liverpool

Words by: S Roberts
Posted: 17/6/17 12:20

Those of you who had the pleasure of visiting Sankeys Soap factory in Manchester will have understood how envelope pushing the club was when it opened in 1994 and later re-branded under owners David Vincent and Sacha Lord-Marchionne. Its existence was vital for the dance music scene.

The club was eventually shut down in suspiciously similar events to that of our beloved Fabric - meanwhile in Berlin, the Berghain received cultural recognition from German authorities. 

Luckily, another Sankeys club was rumbling away in Playa Den Bossa and flying the flag high for clubbers. 

After such unanimous appreciation for their Balearic site, Sankeys rightfully decided to flourish in Liverpool amongst a growing collective of successful and forward thinking nightclubs and promoters, with the opening taking place on 1 July.

The site is located on the fringe of the city centre, which plays host to large swaths of derelict warehouses. These warehouses are now being converted into open air party places and indoor venues at a delightfully fast rate.

Many parties in Liverpool are running simultaneously and co-existing fruitfully, such is the demand for house music.

The club itself is hoping to invite fresh DJs and producers to showcase, who will in turn provide platforms for others and advocate security and growth. Venues are also opening in Newcastle and Birmingham. It's clear the ethos behind this is bigger than just opening a club.

More information on Sankeys Liverpool can be found here.


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