In Review :: Sunday Breakfast OFF-Week, Barcelona

Words by: S Roberts
Posted: 20/6/17 13:36

In Review: Sunday Breakfast OFF-Week, Barcelona

How can I begin to verbalise the magic that was created at Villa Olimpica on Sunday afternoon?

In the true scorch of the afternoon sun (how hot was Barcelona last week?!), our mouths were drooling at the thought of ZT and its swimming pool, never mind Ion Ludwig's live show..

Ibiza Voice arrived at 2pm. As the club was opening, early risers and the late night carry-on crew were forming a queue outside.

Slow stripped back beats rolled through the speakers enticing us to order drinks and dip into the pool; it was the heaven we had been waiting for.

The half beat delay pounding off the back wall should give you an idea as to how quiet our afternoon was, but by no means did this sway our appreciation for Alci and Sandro Kuhne's slow and groovy baseline sounds, which were peppered with a Balearic percussion.

People were swaying mindlessly.. a soft smile rested on the face of those who felt the bliss of the sun and the music coincide. This event stated it had sold out, but something entirely different was going on here.

As Barac (who was easily our favourite) picked up the pace with heavier basslines and drove people away from their sunbathing spots to dance under the decorated canopy, still, we felt promotors had decided to say this event has sold out to create that sought-after scenario.

The records playing, as 6pm rolled in, were focused on high-end and deliriously dreamy, ever so often the bass would surface and switch the crowd up who were bouncing along in unison so easily. If we could hand pick a crowd- this would be it.

The smile was now accompanied by many dancers closing their eyes and swaying in the sunlight. Not one single air of ego reared its ugly head. There were also far less posers than one would expect.

In Review: Sunday Breakfast OFF-Week, Barcelona

The crowd gathered for Ion Ludwig's live set, which although lasting only for an hour, provided a glimpse into the moody and nonchalant persuasions of the highly regarded Dutchman.

Moving into the night, we felt the shift that the evening session brings to a daytime party.

Shonky stepped up and coaxed the sit-down crew up to the dance floor as he always does, with records like Ricardo's 'Lapputia'

Although many argue that to be unable to recognise records played in club sets is the mark of the man, Shonky's set allowed for more familiarity - and his set was a definite favourite judging by the dance floor.

To our surprise, he then cut his signature flow and slammed Losoul's 'Open Door' in, sending those familiar with the record into a state of sheer appreciation of the what is arguably the crown jewel in off weeks crown. 10/10.


Lauren Lo Sung
Erick Morillo
Valentino Kanzyani