Masaya - Picking Up the Pieces (The Editions) LP on Chapter 24

Words by: Neil Jones
Posted: 26/6/17 13:28
Swiss-Chilean producer, DJ and label owner of Mina Records, Claudia Ayala makes music as Masaya and her debut album 'Picking Up The Pieces' impressed on many levels with its deliciously deep and moody house soundscapes. Now a fine selection of artists have stepped forward to remix the album and in doing so, have helped to breath plenty of fresh and zesty ideas into the originals.

'Walking Dad' is the first tune to get some special treatment, and the man doing so is Kurt Baggaley. His version is spooky and spiritual with drifting chords and intoxicating keys for an existential trip.  A long time friend of Masaya is Ripperton, and he flips 'Flow of Tears' into a corrugated house cut with coarse claps and icy, spine tingling chords built up to an intense crescendo through layer upon layer of of deep bass.

More big names appear in the form of Croatian techno expert Petar Dundov, who keeps things smooth, serene and wispy with his whispered vocals and friction-less progressive house grooves. One of the most standout cuts on the remix LP is a version of 'Borderline' by Patrice Baumel, the former Trouw resident bringing a knife-edge version that keeps the listener on their toes as it layers up frosty vocal coos and trance-y synths into something hypnotic.
There is plenty of drama in the Malbetrieb & THC edition of 'Inside', with its epic synths and horror fuelled pads, while Patlac’s take on 'Haumea' is a grainy, lo-fi tune built upon a skipping broken beat that really carries you away.
Neil Flynn goes for a deep and slowly unfolding version of 'Borderline' and the same cut in the hands of Johannes Brecht sees a stormy and melodically rich track rears its head as the output.  A great LP that sees the often near-impossible achieved - a collection of remixes that stands proud as an album in its own right, because the editions are pretty much as good as the originals.



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