Is Eats Everything the funniest DJ on Twitter?

Words by: Lucy Skydon
Posted: 30/6/17 19:11

If you're easily offended, it's probably best you steer clear of Eats Everything's Twitter.

The West Country Superstar DJ is known for his lively language. But that hasn't stopped him becoming one of dance music's most popular DJs and all round good eggs on social media, known as much for his "acid house spirit" commentary on social issues, as he is for his relentless daftness.

Here's our pick of some of his best Tweets from this year as he riffs on subjects such as:

Life as a father

 Sleepless nights

Theresa May

The record shop magic spell

Who really wears Merrell Trainers?

Prince Phillip

Breaking records

  Hanging out with celebrities

Eats Everything headlines El Row at Amnesia on Saturday, June 30th. For more info, click here:

Photo credit Max Miechowski for Parklife/El Row 





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