Phil Mison - Out of the Blue on Leng Music

Words by: Joe Morris
Posted: 3/7/17 15:11

Phil Mison has long been considered the go to selector for Ibiza-themed compilations. Like his mentor Jose Padilla, Mison has dedicated his life to championing laid-back, open minded chill out music. It’s his initial spell as DJ at Café Del Mar back in 1993 that informs part of this compilation, a personal selection of those early records he played alongside more contemporary discoveries that invoke a similar vibe.

There are no average tracks here but particular highlights are the ultra rare 'Jelly' from The Cactus Rose Project which opens the album, a shimmering sort of jazz-rock track which then melts into the new-age melodies of Kamasutra’s 'Sugar Step'. Don Carlos, Moodswings and Language provide the early nineties garagey, deep house sound while more ambient leanings come from Frank De Wulf’s 'The End' and of course the Iberian style is represented by Conarilla’s Spanish language 'Sacred Tree' and Mison’s own Cantoma project on the previously unreleased 'Gambarra.' It's hard to think of a more Ibiza centric record than this; fourteen wondrous tracks that will have you imagining the clicking of the cicadas, the smell of the pine forests and a beat up fish shack on the beach at the end of a dirt track.


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