Theo Parrish drops live mix on tape

Words by: Ben Raven
Posted: 4/7/17 17:54

Every new entry to the Theo Parrish release catalogue sends collectors into a spin. For his next release, however the Detroit master has chosen something a little different from his usual output to send the Discogs hounds hunting and this one comes tainted with controversy.

MG 001 is  a live mix from last year's Music Gallery party in Detroit. The mix was released as a warm up to the Sixth Music Gallery Party on the Thursday night of Detroit's Movement Festival weekend and is just now filtering into record shops on this side of the Atlantic.

One of the highlights of the festival weekend, the latest event was sadly shut down by police half way through and was followed by a defiant statement from the Sound Signature label boss "We understand that parties get busted all of the time. Joy is policed, especially when it is to be had by people of colour," he said. "However, the level of aggression that the police exhibited at this event makes it hard to ignore." 

In a city that capitalises on the abundant history and presence of Black creativity, it is unsettling how easily the city can cast aside those who have built its legacy to begin with."

The live recording of Party 4 has already generated plenty of geek heat on online music forums and is available to buy now on cassette or CD. 




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