Joseph Capriati: "Carl Cox changed my life"

Words by: Ben Raven
Posted: 5/7/17 16:47


Joseph Capriati is the people’s champ of techno. A raver from Napoli who, since his first release in 2007, has steadily climbed the ranks to become one of the scene’s most loved DJs.

Breaking into techno’s top flight is no easy move. The top tier of DJ responsible for headlining the scene’s biggest stages rarely changes names, however Capriati has proved to be one of techno’s most energising DJs yet. His big breakthrough came in 2013 by way of a residency at Music On, an album on Drumcode and since then he has added scalp after scalp from the scene’s hit list of big events.

He is a humble but consummate grafter and in his native Naples, he is worshipped like a footballer and attracts a fiercely proud contingent of hometown fans to his shows around the world wherever he goes. Naturally he was one of the first names on the sheet for Carl Cox’s forthcoming Privilege party and returns to the island on July 11th.

How are you, what’s good, what’s bad right now? 

Everything is good with me, nothing bad, I feel very positive right now, no negative thoughts. I see light and music gives me strength.

Describe techno’s current state of play?

It’s the same, it’s in a good place. There are more people listening to techno which makes it more popular but real techno is always in the same position. There is always a generational turnover of people and new technology. Techno is more ‘accessible’ than it used to be because of the internet and it’s up to you, how you experience techno. You decide where and how to listen to techno. You decide the way you want to experience to it. You can also decide to not be affected by the social network era or by the drugs or the commercial festivals that mix techno artists with EDM artists. 

When did you first meet Carl Cox?

I first met him in Ibiza at Space club five years ago and he was, as you would expect, an incredible person. I think he is the greatest personality I’ve met in my life and I don’t say that because he’s Carl Cox ‘the best DJ in the world’ but his personality really changed me.

How has he changed you?

I learn from Carl everyday. He teaches me many sides of the DJ life in general which I never experienced before. Since I met him, I feel more calm, balanced, relaxed and I know why I am here. Making people dance is a mission for me. He just put me on the right path and I follow his example of how to play everywhere I go; the right music at the right moment and also living my own life the way I do.

As a DJ, he is the best in the whole world. Nobody could ever manage again to do what he did or does right now.

What makes him so special?

Carl plays everywhere. Just take a look at the crowd. He plays for people without any kind of barriers. He looks at the dancefloor, understands the moment and rocks it out. His contribution to dance music was a real revolution. He fused house with techno or hard techno, he played everything. He is a meeting point for all generations, producers and DJs as well as a meeting point for all scenes.

Can you remember the first time you went to Ibiza?

My first time in Ibiza was 2008. I was unable to come here on holiday before that point because I had no money but, in 2008, I came to play for Mauro Picotto at Privilege. It was my first chance to experience the island and I will never forget this.

What will it be like to play at Privilege for Pure Carl Cox?

Playing at Privilege with Carl ten years after coming here for the first time is a real moment for me. I think there will be many surprises. The room is so big and some changes were made to the sound system so we will see something special.

What else have you got in the pipeline?

I am working on an album right now and will have probably finished it by next winter so I am gonna release it in 2018 and there will many collaborations with legends like Louie Vega or Eric Kupper. Techno will of courses play a big part but I’m working really hard to make something that will surprise people.

What are you most proud of in the ten years of your career?

I’m proud that I haven’t changed. I grew up of course, I made some mistakes, but the most important thing is that I am still here and I continue my mission. I enjoy my passion for music everyday and I still get excited about my sets in each country I go to. I have never lost the excitement that I had from the first day of this journey. I am not a genius and I do not consider my music to be something out of this world. I am just one of the people and I want to make them happy and dance, forget about problems and stay united and be in peace. Much love to everybody.


Catch Joseph Capriati play Pure Carl Cox at Privilege Ibiza on July 11th



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